In the MegaBeets tutorial, "A journey into Radare 2 – Part 1: Simple crackme" the authors iz has,

vaddr=0x08048700 paddr=0x00000700 ordinal=000 sz=21 len=20 section=.rodata type=ascii string=\n .:: Megabeets ::.

Etc, However, my iz shows only,

000 0x00000a44 0x5647c37a7a44  20  21 (.rodata) ascii \n  .:: Megabeets ::.

Is there a way to get the extra information, namely the keys=value format?

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Not sure what version was used by Megabeets for this article but this output format output was changed in this commit.

You can change this #if 0 locally and rebuild or you can use json format to get the "headers" - izj~{}, but in this format strings will be base64 encoded.

 "vaddr": 4294987551,
 "paddr": 20255,
 "ordinal": 76,
 "size": 5,
 "length": 4,
 "section": "4.__TEXT.__cstring",
 "type": "ascii",
 "string": "JTVzIA=="
 "vaddr": 4294987556,
 "paddr": 20260,
 "ordinal": 77,
 "size": 6,
 "length": 5,
 "section": "4.__TEXT.__cstring",
 "type": "ascii",
 "string": "JSpqZCA="

The headers for iz have since been added back

Num Paddr      Vaddr      Len Size Section  Type  String
000 0x00000850 0x00000850  20  21 (.rodata) ascii \n  .:: Megabeets ::.
001 0x00000865 0x00000865  22  23 (.rodata) ascii Think you can make it?
002 0x0000087c 0x0000087c   9  10 (.rodata) ascii Success!\n
003 0x00000886 0x00000886  21  22 (.rodata) ascii Nop, Wrong argument.\n

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