I would like IDA to remember my default load file settings instead of presenting the load file dialog on every start. The documentation says there is a -T command line switch that should take a 'file type prefix' argument and then not display the load file dialog, but I don't know what a valid 'file type prefix' would be. I tried -TPE but a warning popped up saying 'PE' was not recognized.

Any suggestions?


It expects the (beginning of the) actual type description (like Portable executable for 80386 (PE)), not the name of the loader plugin (like pe.ldw), because a loader plugin can generate different types.

So in the case of a Windows PE, any of these should work:

  • -T"Portable executable for 80386 (PE)"
  • -TPortable
  • -TP (as the other types for a PE are likely starting with Binary, Microsoft or MS-DOS)

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