I am new and I have a simple problem. Can someone tell me how to add TitanHide to x64dbg? I found this: How can i add plugins in x64dbg? but i guess in case of TitanHide it's harder. Thanks for help.

  • Did you try following the installation methods found in the TitanHide home page readme? github.com/mrexodia/TitanHide – dsasmblr Aug 9 at 2:50
  • You install the plugin by copying it to the plugin directory. However, the plugin will not install TitanHide for you. TitanHide hooks kernel functions and requires expertise in that area to install or use effectively. – mrexodia Aug 9 at 8:57
  • I tried install it according to methods from TitanHide page but i can't find TitanHide.sys. – Rick Sanchez Aug 9 at 16:04
  • Get it from github.com/mrexodia/TitanHide/releases or build it yourself – sudhackar Aug 10 at 5:31

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