In IDA, I can see what calls a specific function by looking at the xrefs to it, or by looking 1 step back on stack trace.

What are the differences between them?

How does IDA know what the stack trace is? And how does IDA know what the xrefs to a specific function are?

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x-refs is just a static cross-reference in the binary that can be identified during static-analysis.

So if you main call funcA you could tell that by looking at x-refs on funcA. But you can't be sure that it will be in fact called during runtime - there might be some conditional jumps that only call funcA in a certain state.

Stacktrace presents the actual calls at a given point so it's dynamic and might change after another instruction execution.

Stack trace information is gathered by looking at EBP on the stack ref. x-refs are done by analyzing the binary.

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