i.e. What is the IDA API equivalent to pressing 'O'?

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In Python:

import ida_nalt
import ida_offset
ri.target = -1
ri.flags = 2
EA = 0xdeadbeef
OPND = 1
ida_offset.op_offset_ex(EA, OPND, ri)

Where EA is the address of the line you want to change and OPND is the operand number of the immediate you want to change in the line.

Example script of making everything that looks like a reference in a specific section into a reference:

import sark, ida_nalt, ida_offset

ri = ida_nalt.refinfo_t()
ri.target = -1
ri.flags = 2

magic = [0x45670123]
segment_ranges =  [(s.startEA, s.endEA) for s in sark.segments()]
def is_address(ea):
    return any(start < ea < end for (start,end) in segment_ranges)

for l in sark.Segment(name='ROM').lines:
    if not l.disasm.startswith('LDR '):
    if ', =0x' not in l.disasm:
    addr = int(l.disasm.split(', =0x')[-1],16)

    if not is_address(addr) or addr in magic:


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