I'm trying to debug a 16-bit Windows executable (format: New Executable). The problem is that all the standard tools (W32DASM, IDA, Olly) don't seem to support 16-bit debugging.

Can you suggest any win16-debuggers?

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Turbo Debugger has a Windows 3.x version (tdw.exe) that supports NewExecutable files, and works out of the box under Windows XP.


OpenWatcom has full support for Win16 including debugging, though I personally haven't tried it. It even has remote debugging support over TCP/IP, serial and a couple other protocols.

Older SoftICE versions also supported Win16, you may try your luck with that.

  • You're absolutely right (how could I forget, as a big Watcom fan?!). The windows (non-NT, C:\WATCOM\binw\wdw.exe) debugger handles NE without any problem, and runs under XP without any problem.
    – Ange
    Apr 22, 2013 at 15:13

Here is a list and links to old debuggers, that had 16-bit Windows executables in list of supported binaries once. Most of them require older system installed, but You may install them in VM env, for example - VirtualBox.

In case there is a requirement for 16bit DOS debugger as well - have a look on Insight debugger for DOS

  • 1
    To avoid confusion: HACK, TR,... only supports COM/EXE, OllyDbg only PE...
    – Ange
    Apr 22, 2013 at 13:41

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