I wrote the following (fasm) assembly program:

format ELF64 executable

segment readable executable

include 'io.inc'
include 'unistd64.inc'
entry main

    mov rdi, msg
    call print
    call done

segment readable
msg db "This is a message.", 0xA, 0

When I disassemble with IDA Pro, under the segments I see this:

IDA Pro Segments Tab

My question is, why are both segments called LOAD? What is the meaning behind this? I did not name the segments in my program.


The segments are called LOAD because that is the default name given to segments loaded from an ELF in IDA when they have no name.

The first segment is the equivalent of .text, it contains executable code.

The second segment is the equivalent of .rdata, it contains read-only data that is not executable.

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