How can i save/reuse/preserve Radare2 metadata (BPs, comments, flags..) of a debug session for a new debug session? I restart the debugger alot and preserving environment would be very helpful.

I start with r2 -d binary -r myenv.rr2 -i myscript.r2s, create some flags, comments and such and then exit with q. ood usually is not enough (weird errors about fds and such. I quit completely most of the time). But if i try to load my project (Po) its asks me to restart the session and then i'm in a wrong context/process or something.

[0x7f7d020fb2c0]> Po myproject
Close current session? (Y/n) 
WARNING: module's base addr + delta is not a valid address
[0x7f8baef752c0]> dc
native-singlestep: No such process
Stepping failed!

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