If I want to find all references to fs:[0x28] how would I go about doing it with radare2? For example,

0x000006b5      64488b042528.  mov rax, qword fs:[0x28]    ; [0x28:8]=0x1978 ; '(' ; "x\x19"

I want to find all lines that reference fs:[0x28], like the one above. This address is used as a stack canary, and I'm especially interested to see what is reading from it.

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Seems you can find the things writing to it with axt (find data/code references to this address) using just the address 0x28. I'm still unsure how to qualify the memory segment,

[0x000006aa]> axt 0x28
sym.foo 0x6b5 [DATA] mov rax, qword fs:[0x28]

But this doesn't work,

[0x000006aa]> axt fs:[0x28]
entry0; [14] -r-x section size 514 named .text 0x5a0 [CODE] xor ebp, ebp
sym.__libc_csu_init 0x779 [CALL] call qword [r12 + rbx*8]

By looking how this function is implemented, it looks like there's no option for this (but go ask on r2's on Telegram). It just takes a string that's being converted to a number and that's all. If you want to see all the places where fs:[0x28] being used why not search for this part of the opcode?

[0x004049a0]> /c fs:[0x28]
0x00402a19   # 9: mov rax, qword fs:[0x28]
0x00403f81   # 9: xor rcx, qword fs:[0x28]
0x00404dc1   # 9: mov rax, qword fs:[0x28]
0x00404de6   # 9: xor rdx, qword fs:[0x28]
0x00405431   # 9: mov rax, qword fs:[0x28]
0x004054ea   # 9: xor rbx, qword fs:[0x28]

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