When using the 'decompiler' tool in Hopper on the start function of an application it shows this:

hopper decompiled code

What does the stack[2043] mean, is it 2043 bytes from the top of high memory and its assigning it to the stack?

Here is what the assembly looks like for the same function:

hopper dissasembly

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    Frankly, it's really difficult to interpret the decompilation. For example, it uses the raw register variable esp in the output, when esp is modified by the prologue -- so which value of esp is it referring to? (Evidently the pre-prologue version.) Also the disassembly listing would be more clear if it showed the symbolic declarations for var_14, var_10, etc. I have a feeling they refer to -0x14, -0x10, etc. but it would help clear things up. Anyway, given the tenor of your question, I'd say the decompilation will just confuse you and simply to ignore it (or use Hex-Rays). – Rolf Rolles Jun 27 '18 at 16:38

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