How can i settings IDA show me string instead of offset_xxx?

enter image description here

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    could you please add a text dump of the screenshot as well as the disassembly listing of the highlighted locations? – Igor Skochinsky Jun 12 '18 at 18:35

Go to the menu Edit -> Plugins -> Hex-Rays Decompiler. A window will appear with information about the Hex-Rays plugin. Click Options and you should see a dialog like this:

hex rays options

Click on Analysis options and uncheck Print only constant string literals:


I learned about this option from the great Life In Hex blog, but I cannot find the post right now...


Have you tried changing the prototype of the function licensed_to() so the 2nd argument is "const char *" and, also, have you made a string at the given offset? If not, go to the address in that offset and press 'a' (or Alt+A and then select "Unicode").

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