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Question #1 is the lea edx, [esp+24] start of array ? and eax, [esp+140] index?

then whats add eax, edx doing here and this source code mean ? can you please explain?

I am confused about array and indexing an array in assembly. here are few screen shot. Please help me understand how this array works ? how it indexed and so on.

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the first screen shot shows

cmp al,59h 

59h is ==

C:\\>python -c "print '%c' % 0x59"

so it should correspond to your if clause (if ch[i] == 'Y')

then that means

the previous line in your source code is a for loop whose counter variable i is represented by mov eax , [esp+140]

it should have been initialized to 0 some where earlier in the block

edx is the start of the the array (possibly 8 bit size) ch
it is a pointer an address like 0x401234 in this line
assuming 0x401234
then the array would be accessd by
0x401234+0 , +1 , +2 , +3 , +4 ,+5 ..... until the maximum value g (not shown in your screen shot )

the movzx line in your screen shot access the underlying variable ch[i] or *(byte / char / type *) (0x401234 , ..5 , ..6 ,..7 , --so on until 0x401234+g )

so the array would be accessed like this (esp+140) would be incremented at the end of for loop iteration each time

0x401234 = 'Y' (edx = 401234 + ( eax = [esp+140] == 0 )) = *(char *)0x401234
0x401235 = 'Y' (edx = 401234 + ( eax = [esp+140] == 1 )) = *(char *)0x401235
0x401236 = 'Y' (edx = 401234 + ( eax = [esp+140] == 2 )) = *(char *)0x401236
..... until 0x401234+g

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