Is there a way to view the keybinidngs inside of Radare? Such that I can see which function keys do things like Step Over and Step Into in Debug mode?

e~key doesn't list any of the debug keys,

key.S = 
key.f1 = 
key.f10 = 
key.f11 = 
key.f12 = 
key.f2 = 
key.f3 = 
key.f4 = 
key.f5 = 
key.f6 = 
key.f7 = 
key.f8 = 
key.f9 = 
key.s = 

Those are probably used if you remap the default ones. And those are visible when you press ? in Visual mode, but not in Visual Pane mode (V!). Scrolling down will show the keys for debugging:

Function Keys: (See 'e key.'), defaults to:
  F2      toggle breakpoint
  F4      run to cursor
  F7      single step
  F8      step over
  F9      continue

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