After further analysis of a binary, ran into a separate issue debugging. Have an r2pipe script successfully providing 1 input (more about r2pipe in this solved question: r2pipe won't prompt for user input like the binary does in r2 debugger mode).

Now, have a python function to open input.txt (the file used for rarun2's 'input' directive) and update the value according to the program's state, so that the first question prompted by the binary is indeed answered correctly. It then prompts us for the next question and my script succeeds in updating input.txt so the next answer is accounted for, but it seems rarun is not passing the updated value of input.txt to the second question. IE. the first one is answered successfully but the second one comes up as incorrect (then crackme exits) even though input.txt is updated to the correct 2nd answer in time. Thinking rarun2 might not be reloading it's input directive for next question. Any ideas on consecutive input?

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