I want to extract a generic signature of a function in IDA and wanted to use just the opcodes of the instructions without its operands.


enter image description here

From the first instruction I want to know the bytes that tell the disassembler that it is a MOVZX instruction.

From the second and third one the ones that say it is a MOV instruction (probably 8B).

And so on..

I'm aware that some instructions have modifiers. I just want to know the bytes that translate to certain mnemonic.

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In general this is not solvable since the opcode and operands may be sharing the same bytes (e. g. some instructions encode part of their opcode in the mod R/M byte, which can also contain some of the operands at the same time), but you can get some approximation by inspecting the Operands array of the insn_t structure returned by the decode_insn function. The offb member of each op_t element is supposed to be the offset of the bytes corresponding to the operand in the instruction bytes.

Note that it may be 0 since it’s not always possible to determine operand location at the byte level, especially on non-x86 architectures. For more info check the ua.hpp header in the SDK.

  • Or you could use insn_t::itype May 13, 2018 at 16:33
  • Note also that many risc cpu's store operands as bitfields in the opcode. May 13, 2018 at 16:35

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