I'm writing an IDC script which accepts a structure and does some processing. Currently, I have to call it by typing structure names. What I want is to make it use the structure under cursor in "Structures" window so I can save a lot of typing. Is there any way to do this?

Tried ScreenEA(). It returns the address in "Disassembly" window instead of a structure id.

IDAPython code is also acceptable.

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May be bit of an odd question - but how do you run the script? Hotkeys don't work while the structure view is open, and if you run a script via Alt+F7 for example the cursor position changes.

That said, one solution that may be good enough:

import ida_kernwin

ret = ida_kernwin.get_highlight(ida_kernwin.get_current_widget())
if ret and ret[1]:
    print "Current highlight: %s" % ret[0]

Basically, you need to click the structure name so it's highlighted (yellow), then the above code will print the struct name.

  • I use IDA 6.8 and IDAPython v1.7.2. In my case the spell is idaapi.get_highlighted_identifier(). May 8, 2018 at 16:38

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