In this Superuser topic Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, how does it work?, it is possible to extract the URL from SetupMgr.dll. My question is, how do I extract this URL from SetupMgr.dll? I want to be able to do this in future versions of the Media Creation Tool.


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Disclaimer: The following links are for Fall Creators Update and may be change in future updates.

Download the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft website. Open the executable in 7ZIP and extract all the files in a folder. Then download Strings from Sysinternals and place it in that previous folder whre you've extracted files. Open Command Prompt in that folder and run this command:

For /R %X in (*.*) do (Strings.exe %X) | find /i "LinkID"

This command searches all the strings in all files recursively and shows the strings containing "LinkID" (piped to find /i). Open all the URLs in any browser and one of them (total 7 or 8 links) will download the Products.CAB or Products.XML file which contains all Windows ESD download links.

Alternatively, extract the SetupMgr.dll file from MediaCreationTool.exe as above. Then open that DLL in IDA. Press Shift+F12 to open strings window and find LinkID. There will be two strings.


Tip: Check the real file type of MediaCreaTool.exe using the following 7ZIP command and that will be CAB type.

7z t MediaCreationTool.exe | find /i "type"
  • For those wondering why a simple grep or findstr doesn't find this, it's because it's UTF-16.
    – user541686
    Commented Sep 9, 2019 at 23:52

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