I'm learning frida and trying to hook a function that looks like:

`.method public final fn()[B`

It returns a byte array. Here's my code:

Java.perform(function () {
    var test = Java.use("com...");
    test.fn.overload().implementation = function () {
        var ret = this.fn();
        console.log("how to write here?");
        return ret;

How to print the ret variable returned by the function? It's a byte[]. I tried console.log but it only prints a [object], and hexdump complains 'expected a pointer'. How can I print the array?



var ret = this.fn();
var buffer = Java.array('byte', ret);
var result = "";
for(var i = 0; i < buffer.length; ++i){
    result+= (String.fromCharCode(buffer[i]));

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