My Macbook A1342 broke and before I throw it away I want to try and salvage the screen. I don't have much knowledge of hardware (aside from building PCs, most of my skills exist at the software level) so I have no idea how I would go about doing this. I'm guessing buying some sort of control board to interface between video input and the [serial?] port of the LCD. Anyone know how I would go about doing this, or at least lead me in the right direction?

BTW I don't know of a better stackexchange for this question, so suggestions for that are also appreciated

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While possible, it will be pretty difficult. Modern high resolution LCD panels use complicated LVDS interface which requires specialized controller chips and with that screen resolution a standard microcontroller will struggle to push the data to it fast enough. If you nevertheless want to pursue this path, EE SE should give you some hints.

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