I was taking a look at the OSX-Crisis sample obtained from this site and trying to analyze it for fun and learning. Choosing to disassemble as a Mac binary causes the start function to be discovered wrongly and hence affect the rest of the disassembly. I was reading the analysis of the malware here, and am curious about how I can go about finding the correct entry point address.

I believe it can be figured out using the LC_UNIXTHREAD command eip value. In this case, should my approach be to disassemble the file within IDA as a "binary"(rather than a mach-o binary), navigate to 0x409c and press "C" ?

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    had a look at this ?
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    Commented Apr 15, 2013 at 16:11

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According to fG!'s blog entry on OSX-Crisis (recommended read), the true EntryPoint is located in the segment __INIT_STUB, with code execution permission.

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