In OllyDbg 1.10 (assembler level deubugger) I can find all referenced text strings

The program compare if a user input string is equal a internal string.

When I debug the program, I can't find the internal string. I found only the string of the image

The program is a Windows Console (DOS).

This is the string the plugin found

string found with OllyDbg

This strings appear in the program, but I can't see the string when program say "Congratulations....", is 4 lines under the red mark in the image

You can help? How I can debug and see the text of comparision?

The program say congrats after compare

Is like...

if user_input == X then print "Congratulations...." else print "Better luck next time..."

How find X string?



After the answer, I recommend, in this case, to use x64dbg

xdbg screenshot with the same information


It's hard to answer by looking at the low-res image but it looks like that the 'X' is not present in as as string in one place. Instead there are bunch of char comparisons spread across this binary.

Like this one:


Gather those together (there should be some above the part that you've pased) and sort by the index (ESP+xx). Converting the values after the comma (in this case 40) to ascii and printing them should give you the 'X'.

For the image we have:


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  • Thanks, this is more visible (for me) in x32dbg, is more easy to read. Many thanks – incode Mar 22 '18 at 15:28

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