I'm writing a plugin which is available at all times (PLUGIN_FIX flag). However, I also need to be notified when a database is created or opened, as if I would handle the moment when init() is called on plugins without the PLUGIN_FIX flag.

I looked into the IDA 7.0 SDK, but I only found idb_event::closebase, and I need the exact opposite. idb_event::savebase also doesn't really match.

I logged all events in the SDK ever raised by IDA (causing IDA to run slower than my grandma ☺), and only dug out idb_event::kernel_config_loaded which happens around the moment I want to catch. However, it also triggers at other times (like when simply clicking the "Open" button), so it's not a match too.

Am I missing something here? Such an event seems quite important to me, so I'm a bit surprised there's nothing "obvious" for it.

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After looking around a bit more, I noticed that if I handle the following two processor module (HT_IDP) events, I can pretty much catch the moment I wanted:

  • processor_t::event_t::ev_newfile when a new database is being created (like from a PE file)
  • processor_t::event_t::ev_oldfile when an existing database has been loaded (from a .idb file)

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