I use 32-bit IDA to debug, but an error occurs.

IDA error message:

Incompatible debugging server:debugger id is 1 expected 11(armlinux)

cmd details:

  root@android:/ # /data/local/tmp/android_x86_server 
  IDA Android x86 32-bit remote debug server(ST) v1.22. Hex-Rays (c) 2004-2017 
  Listening on
> ========================================================= 
  [1] Accepting connection from 
  [1] Incompatible IDA version
> [1] Closing connection from

IDA Pro version: 7.0


You need to select Remote Linux in the debugger attach menu of IDA. We are using x86 emulator, not ARM CPU. Just worked this out myself by accident.

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