Microsoft describes the IMAGE_DEBUG_DIRECTORY structure here.

I learned here that for recent VisualStudio-compiled binaries, the type is IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_CODEVIEW, i.e. the value is 0x2.

Now I have a vanilla VS-2015 compiled binary and I am using the Python module pefile to iterate over the IMAGAE_DEBUG_DIRECTORY objects:

for debug_data_object in pe.DIRECTORY_ENTRY_DEBUG:

The first entry is as expected:

0x6500     0x0   Characteristics:               0x0       
0x6504     0x4   TimeDateStamp:                 0x59088504 [Tue May 02 13:09:24 2017 UTC]
0x6508     0x8   MajorVersion:                  0x0       
0x650A     0xA   MinorVersion:                  0x0       
0x650C     0xC   Type:                          0x2       
0x6510     0x10  SizeOfData:                    0x88      
0x6514     0x14  AddressOfRawData:              0x176DC   
0x6518     0x18  PointerToRawData:              0x66DC

But there is a second one. Its type is 0xC :

0x651C     0x0   Characteristics:               0x0       
0x6520     0x4   TimeDateStamp:                 0x59088504 [Tue May 02 13:09:24 2017 UTC]
0x6524     0x8   MajorVersion:                  0x0       
0x6526     0xA   MinorVersion:                  0x0       
0x6528     0xC   Type:                          0xC       
0x652C     0x10  SizeOfData:                    0x14      
0x6530     0x14  AddressOfRawData:              0x17764   
0x6534     0x18  PointerToRawData:              0x6764 

What is this second entry about? Why is it there? What does type 0xc correspond to?


In addition to the answer below, this SO post contains additional detailed info.

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If you check winnt.h from the latest Windows 10 SDK you can find rest of the values there:

#define IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_UNKNOWN          0
#define IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_COFF             1
#define IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_FPO              3
#define IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_MISC             4
#define IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_FIXUP            6
#define IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_BORLAND          9
#define IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_RESERVED10       10
#define IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_CLSID            11
#define IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_POGO             13
#define IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_ILTCG            14
#define IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_MPX              15
#define IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_REPRO            16

So 0xC is IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_VC_FEATURE. It looks like there's not much info on what it is stored there but you can do some searches to get some idea.

  • Not much info about IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_VC_FEATURE, indeed. I will post a new question at stackoverflow, maybe somebody knows more about IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_VC_FEATURE. Commented Feb 10, 2018 at 16:47

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