I want to run code from Gray Hat Python book for upx_unpacker. I have downloaded PyEmu, but when I run script I got this error: AttributeError: PEPyEmu instance has no attribute 'load'

My script use PEPyEmu this way:

from PyEmu import PEPyEmu

exename = sys.argv[1]
outputfile = sys.argv[2]

emu = PEPyEmu()
if exename:
    if not emu.load(exename):
        print "[!] Problem loading %s" %exename
    print "[!] Blank filename specified"

This code is same as in the book, but it does not work. I use Python 2.7.14, Pyemu from https://github.com/codypierce/pyemu Anyone know how to resolve it and run this script? I didn't find any help in the internet.

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Please check example usage in https://github.com/codypierce/pyemu/blob/master/examples/pepyemu.py. It looks like load method is not implemented. Based on example usage it's required to load PE file manually.

  • Yes, I saw it. But I do not understand what should be pass as a second argument, and thats why I got errors when tried to run this script on my exe.
    – Developus
    Feb 5, 2018 at 16:51
  • That example script allows to start execution from choosen address. For start I would use what's stored and presented as entrypoint.
    – malikcjm
    Feb 5, 2018 at 19:37

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