I am doing a project for school on Emulation of device using its firmware. Using firmadyne, I can start up the smart device unfortunately because it is not a real device, information fields like Serial number, MAC address, and other device specific information is not present. I have a shell, and I can look around a physical exemplar of the device but I can't find any place where that is stored. I am limited on what I can do (via busybox)

Where is the device specific information of smart devices usually kept? I am assuming it is burned-in somewhere?



These information pieces are generally stored in the NVRAM (Non-Volatile RAM), which is stored in one of the flash partition. To emulate a device successfully, you generally have to fill up the NVRAM with valid settings.

Firmadyne contains an NVRAM emulation and you can find more information about the problem itself in this blog post.

If I remember well, the NVRAM emulation could log out the requested settings, and you have to specify these values in the NVRAM storage directory.

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