I'm confused and I'm trying to follow the Radare 2 Crackme Challanges. In it, they say,

This seems to be a goodboy/badboy.

Is a "goodboy/badboy" lingo for a specific thing, and if so what?

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    I recall that terminology in Lena151's reversing tutorials. When changing program execution program flow she designates the desired function calls / modules (like congratulatory dialog boxes) as "good boy" and the undesired calls/subroutines (like early exit) as "bad boy" – adric Jan 24 '18 at 23:33

The "good boy" is the thing that lets you know you were successful in your cracking/patching. The "bad boy" is the thing that lets you know you're unsuccessful.

In a commercial app, a "good boy" would be akin to a message box saying, "Thank you for entering a valid license! You're now fully registered." Whereas the "bad boy" would be the message box that says, "I'm sorry. That's an invalid license. Please enter a valid license."

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