New to assembly here. Most dynamic languages have REPLs these days and they're great. I really want a tool like that for x86. Is there any thing open source on the table? Even if it's compiling everything from the start and running it a new or through a virtualized environment?

I just want to test argument order and see what the results look like.

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WinREPL is a solid go-to!

WinREPL is a "read-eval-print loop" shell on Windows that is useful for testing/learning x86 and x64 assembly.


Rappel also has amd64 and armv7 and v8 in addition of x86. You might want to check it out here if you are on a Linux-based system. From its description:

A linux-based assembly REPL for x86, amd64, armv7, and armv8


Not exactly REPL, but Godbolt is a nice way to quickly see how output assembly looks for given source code.

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