I got dump from ci module and after deflate compressed data, this time I can't find the data I am looking for without disassembly it, sometimes I can extract data manually, but this time file is a bit different.

So I have tried to load file and test with 2 possible targets, ARCompact and ARCTangent, and loading address I tested with 0x0 and 0x400000, because I see some offsets in binary (L.E) like:


So I guess loading must be close to that offset but no successful, only got garbage fucntions. The first 0xB0 data from file is like this:


And these flags are before gzip header:

    2E 6B65726E656C -> kernel
    004B5F40 -*
    004B5F40 -* Offset where kernel is decompressed?
    00400600 -> ?
    1F8B0800 -> gzip

Hope someone could help me in someway.

Many thanks in advance.

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Seems to be ARCompact code:

CODE:00000000                 mov     r1, 0
CODE:00000004                 mov     r2, 0
CODE:00000008                 mov     r3, 0
CODE:0000000C                 mov     r4, 0
CODE:00000010                 mov     r5, 0
CODE:00000014                 mov     r6, 0
CODE:00000018                 mov     r7, 0
CODE:0000001C                 mov     r8, 0
CODE:00000020                 mov     r9, 0
CODE:00000024                 mov     r10, 0
CODE:00000028                 mov     r11, 0
CODE:0000002C                 mov     r12, 0
CODE:00000030                 mov     r13, 0
CODE:00000034                 mov     r14, 0
CODE:00000038                 mov     r15, 0
CODE:0000003C                 mov     r16, 0
CODE:00000040                 mov     r17, 0
CODE:00000044                 mov     r18, 0
CODE:00000048                 mov     r19, 0
CODE:0000004C                 mov     r20, 0
CODE:00000050                 mov     r21, 0
CODE:00000054                 mov     r22, 0
CODE:00000058                 mov     r23, 0
CODE:0000005C                 mov     r24, 0
CODE:00000060                 mov     r25, 0
CODE:00000064                 mov     r0, 0
CODE:00000068                 jl      0x40230980
CODE:00000070                 mov     sp, 0x402BB848
CODE:00000078                 mov     gp, 0x402B5960
CODE:00000080                 mov.f   r2, 0
CODE:00000088                 jlne    [r2]
CODE:0000008C                 mov     fp, 0
CODE:00000090                 jl      0x40229EDC
CODE:00000098                 b       loc_A0

The load base could be 40000000 or 40200000, but might be something else too.

  • Thanks for answer, I have tried those base addresses and after press 'c' I get same result, but does not appear all functions, then I select all file and press 'c' again and functions seems to be garbage again. The offset I check for confirm the functions are ok is 0x00104968 in plain file, this offset is a 0x70 key that must be xored. Here is the file file.town/download/vwy508j3uyljbgybp3vtx8gqo
    – numind
    Jan 5, 2018 at 13:03
  • I found xor key offset, 0x00104968 ^ 0x00106170, at least it makes xor with this offset, need to find out entry point for check more coincidences...
    – numind
    Jan 5, 2018 at 18:28

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