How can I load C header file with IDAPython in IDA Pro?

I'm trying automatically load C header file with IDAPython, such as Load("filename.h").

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Well, w s's answer actually points out what you should do. Here I give a more detailed answer:

In short, create file 1.h under your E: drive, fill with some struct definitions and try this in your IDA's Output Window:

idaapi.idc_parse_types("E:\\1.h", idc.PT_FILE)

This function will return number of errors it encounters when parsing your .h file. If you get 0, it means there is nothing wrong in your header file.

NOTE1: IDA Python keeps changing. The above code works for me (I use IDA Pro 6.8). Some changes may be needed if you use a different version. Try IDA Python Reference.

NOTE2: You should find the new types appear in your Local Types window (Press Shift+F1 to open it), which displays the types in TIL. If you actually need structures (which belongs to IDB), try idaapi.til2idb or idaapi.import_type to import them.


See below the quote from idc.py

def parse_decls(inputtype, flags = 0):
    Parse type declarations
    @param inputtype: file name or C declarations (depending on the flags)
    @param flags: combination of PT_... constants or 0
    @return: number of parsing errors (0 no errors)
    return ida_typeinf.idc_parse_types(inputtype, flags)

PT_FILE =   0x0001  # input if a file name (otherwise contains type declarations)
PT_SILENT = 0x0002  # silent mode
PT_PAKDEF = 0x0000  # default pack value
PT_PAK1 =   0x0010  # #pragma pack(1)
PT_PAK2 =   0x0020  # #pragma pack(2)
PT_PAK4 =   0x0030  # #pragma pack(4)
PT_PAK8 =   0x0040  # #pragma pack(8)
PT_PAK16 =  0x0050  # #pragma pack(16)
PT_HIGH  =  0x0080  # assume high level prototypes
                    # (with hidden args, etc)
PT_LOWER =  0x0100  # lower the function prototypes

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