IDA Pro can deal with the Renesas H8 processors, but not the free version.

Are there any free or low cost (<£100) disassemblers for the Renesas H8 family or processors?

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There is an H8 port of GNU binutils (the target is called 'h8300' I believe) which includes objdump. It seems it's even available in Debian in the package binutils-h8300-hms (might be outdated).

Alternative GNU-based toolchains for many Renesas processors (including H8) are provided by KPIT (free but requires registration). I think they've been contributing to mainline too but not sure how's their progress there.

Just for reference, here's how to use objdump to disassemble a raw binary:

objdump -m h8300 -b binary -D myfile.bin

Renesas offers their own commercial compiler/assembler/simulator (and I think a disassembler too) suite called High-performance Embedded Workshop (HEW) but I couldn't find out how much it costs. There is a downloadable evaluation version, however.

For a quick look at some hex you can also try the Online Disassembler, it has a couple of H8 variants.


dah8300 is a free disassembler for Renesas H8 binaries, and its source code is also freely available.

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