I am trying to use Frida on a Java application which is obfuscated with ZKM (Zelix KlassMaster).

When I attach to the process, it seems the JVM is not loaded:

[Local::PID::23585]-> Java.available


I have the same behavior on Burp which is run by the following command :

  • java -Djsse.enableSNIExtension=false -jar -Xmx2g burpsuite_free.jar

Does anyone know why Frida does not detect the JVM?

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To my best knowledge, Frida has no support for non-android java applications.

For desktop java applications you are better of using Java agents or the lower level JVM-TI interface. There's also the pyspresso framework which uses the Java Debug Wire Protocol to debug java applications using a python code base.

Also have a look at this answer for more ideas.


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