I used ollydbg to look at the disassembly of a binary I made to get some practice with reversing. When I close Olly, and then reopen it after a crash, the assembly window is at a different location. How do I search for my comments to jump back to where I was working? I've tried ctrl-g to search for them, but that only seems to search through the assembly code itself.


Searching for user comments can be done like this:

OllyDbg V1

Right Click >> Search for >> User-defined comment

OllyDbg V2

Right Click >> Search for >> All user comments

It is not guaranteed that your comments were saved since OllyDbg won't save, just for an example, comments on a dynamic allocated code.

For the next time, I suggest you to use an external plugin to export and then import your comments. Back in the days I used LabelMaster for this task.

On a personal note, I highly recommend to use x64dbg which is an active open-source project, unlike Ollydbg which is absolutely outdated. Moreover, x64dbg is inspired by OllyDbg so you should not have too many problems with migrating to it.

Here are some resources:

For the record, you can list your defined comments in x64dbg by pressing Ctrl + Alt + C or by clicking the "View" menu and choosing "Comments".

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