I have a .bin file (It's a firmware belongs to a hardware (Cisco Access-Point) ). All I need to do is modifying that .bin file.

As you know, .bin files aren't human readable. I need to convert it to either assembly or C (to make it readable and also changeable). Any idea how can I do such a thing?

Noted that this is the file I'm talking about.

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The contents of that archive is not a single file, and so it cannot be "converted" to assembly. It'd only appear as a very long list of literal db statements.

From a cursory look, the file starts with some kind of header indicating which part go where. The parts themselves appear to contain a complete file system, as well as some sort of checksum at the end of each file (block?).

Unless you know the following point, then you cannot make it changeable.

  1. what the meta-structure of this single file is,
  2. what the file structure of the rootfs is, and
  3. how the checksum is calculated,

Plain "readable" could possibly be already out of your league.

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