So I was doing some REing in IDA, changed a function parameter type and suddenly my stack pointer messes up (1025B361: inconsistent fpu stack). Does anyone know what to look for here or how to fix it?

I tried the following:

  • Undefining-redefining and changing argument types.
  • Changing the `double game_time` type to `float` in pseudocode, but it won't let me (`Sorry, cannot change variable type`, because it's in use in the pseudocode).
  • Changing the stack definition from `0000018C var_18C dq ?` to `dd`.
  • Changing the signature of `director_debug`.
  • Manually editing the HEX code from `DD 1C 24` to `D9 1C 24` (forcing m32fp).
  • In order: changing the function signature, changing the stack value, undefining the calling function and redefining it as a function (code).

However, none of this helped.


_EDX = game_time_ptr_12; //float edx@2
  fld     dword ptr [edx+0Ch]
  fstp    [esp+18Ch+var_18C]
director_debug("%3.2f: Director debug: %s.\n", *(_QWORD *)&game_time, "NORMAL MODE"); //double||__int64 game_time ST24 8@2


.text:1025B35B 0 184                 mov     edx, game_time_ptr_12
.text:1025B361 0 184                 fld     dword ptr [edx+0Ch]
.text:1025B364 1 184                 push    offset aNormalMode ; "NORMAL MODE"
.text:1025B369 1 188                 sub     esp, 8
.text:1025B36C 1 190                 fstp    [esp+18Ch+var_18C] ;qword ptr [esp]
.text:1025B36F 0 190                 push    offset a3_2fDirectorDe ; "%3.2f: Director debug: %s.\n"
.text:1025B374 0 194                 call    director_debug

What it should become

game_time = *(game_time_ptr_12) + 12);
director_debug("%3.2f: Director debug: %s.\n", game_time, "NORMAL MODE");

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