As the title stands, I want to label local variables ([ebp - x] addresses) the same way I do with functions and global variables. What I've learned:

  • I found no way to label locals in the debugger window.
  • There's Locals tab in the bottom panel. I can give names to locals there, but they don't propagate to the main window.
  • I can rename variables in the decompiler window, but again, they don't sync with the debugger window.

If x64dbg lacks this functionality, is there any plugin that achieves this?

  • Often reverse engineers do dynamic and static analysis side by side. You start off with Binja/IDA/radare2 and annotate information from the dynamic analysis. These tools can save this information and offer more functionality.
    – Nordwald
    Oct 26, 2017 at 4:49

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Two ways to label local variables in x64dbg:

  1. In x64dbg, follow in dump at address of local var (like this [ebp-4]). Right click at this address and select Add label, then name the label.

enter image description here

Now in the CPU window, local var is displayed like the following picture:

enter image description here

  1. Try the labeless plugin : https://github.com/a1ext/labeless/ to sync from IDA to x64dbg.



Local variables labeling is not yet supported by x64dbg and as far as I know there's no plugin to achieve that.

However, you can still label a specific memory address. You can do this by selecting the address and press :, or right click it and select Label >> Label Current Address.

If you want this functionality you can ask for it on the x64dbg's Github repository or even implement it by yourself.

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