There are different ways to identify the processor type such as using IDA or file command in Linux. But sometimes the processor type is not detected by these tools. Besides I do not have the correct processor type of the binary. Is there any way to detect the correct type of processor?

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you might try cpu_rec, it claims to be able to identify a wide variety of architectures by analyzing the raw binary data.
According to cpu_rec github repository : Known architectures in the default corpus 68HC08 68HC11 8051 Alpha ARcompact ARM64 ARMeb ARMel ARMhf AVR AxisCris Blackfin Cell-SPU CLIPPER CompactRISC Cray Epiphany FR-V FR30 FT32 H8-300 HP-Focus HP-PA i860 IA-64 IQ2000 M32C M32R M68k M88k MCore Mico32 MicroBlaze MIPS16 MIPSeb MIPSel MMIX MN10300 Moxie MSP430 NDS32 NIOS-II OCaml PDP-11 PIC10 PIC16 PIC18 PIC24 PPCeb PPCel RISC-V RL78 ROMP RX S-390 SPARC STM8 Stormy16 SuperH TILEPro TLCS-90 TMS320C2x TMS320C6x V850 VAX Visium WE32000 X86-64 X86 Xtensa Z80 #6502#cc65

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