I'm reversing a Windows binary using x32Dbg and I have the following instruction: call ntdll.776C695A.
What steps should I take in order to find out which function this is and/or what it does? The debugger seems to provide some symbols but not all.

Thank you.

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Simply execute downloadsym ntdll in the command field at the bottom of x32dbg.

As you can see in the documentation:

Command: symdownload / downloadsym
Attempt to download a symbol from a Symbol Store.

[arg1] - Module name (with or without extension) to attept to download symbols for. When not specified, an attempt will be done to download symbols for all loaded modules.

[arg2] - Symbol Store URL. When not specified, the default store will be used.

This command does not set any result variables.

This should retrieve the Debugging Symbols from the Microsoft public symbol server and update the assembly accordingly.

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