PDP-11 pure executable reverse engineering:

  1. Dont have access to Ida pro. Ollydbg, Immunity doesnt open it.

  2. radare2 with MIPS, a lots of errors.

  3. file:

    # file lightning-tp.b  
    lightning-tp.b: PDP-11 pure executable - version 16
  4. strings:

    # strings -a lightning-tp.b  
    /* tp pulse
     [#wan | lan1 | lan2 | lan3 | lan4]             ... test port
     [#waveform | m-jitter | s-jitter | distortion] ... test mode  */ 

Question: How to run PDP-11 executable ?

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You might find interesting help here. There are many emulators and can even find a PDP-11 to buy.


You can find many PdP-11 emulators on Internet...

For example, you can use SIMH which is open source and available as a package on Debian.


r2 is starting to support pdp11 now, you can give it a try,

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