Ok so let's say that a program obfuscated its IAT and i can't see it in IDA Pro. In OllyDbg there is a plugin where you press Ctrl+G you can search for a library function and set a breakpoint even though that function is not listed in the IAT. My question is how can i do this in IDA Pro?


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During debugging, you can use names in format "DllName_export" (e.g. kernel32_CreateFileA) to jump to functions exported by the loaded DLLs, or you can use such names in "symbolic breakpoints" so they're automatically added when DLL gets loaded.

Also: double-click a DLL in the Modules list to see its exports and jump to/set breakpoints on them.

  • taking a look at the module list answered my question :) Commented Aug 18, 2017 at 13:38

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