Does anyone know how to change the font size in immunity debugger? The font option under Options -> Appearance -> Font doesn't seem to change anything and just resets whenever you restart the program.

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Trying to figure out the problem I came with the following solution:

  • Open Immunity Debugger as an Administrator
  • Go to Options >> Appearance >> Fonts
  • Rename one of the fonts to whatever name you'd like
  • Click on Change and set the settings you wish
  • Go to Defaults tab and set the Default font to be the one you edited.
  • Done.

Now the configuration stays any time you open Immunity as an Administrator.


I solved it like this:

  • after loading a program the panes are filled with data
  • right-click in the top left pane and a menu will appear
  • from this menu choose appearence --> font(all) --> the font you want (the "OEM fixed font" works for me)

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