I have a datasheet of the HCS08 micro-controller family from NXP. I have a Raspberry Pi and some time. I admit that this is my first time delving this deep into hardware RE, so be gentle with me.

I got the damn thing to spit numbers out at me, so I know that the chip has a serial output at least. And, I have the chip mounted on a breakout board and I have a breadboard handy. Also, let's assume security bit is not set (fingers crossed!!!).

I try to get out the firmware to a file.

Any help would be appreciated, even a couple links and a tip or two for my specific case if you could!

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I suggest you to look at the USBDM project which claims to support BDM (background debug mode) for the RS08 and HCS08 series, among others, which I think should be compatible with your chip.

Even though they talk about Codewarrior, in theory the source code should allow you to implement your own code dumping tool.

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