Continuing from this question: Firmware analysis and file system extraction?

I am trying to run the QNap firmware using QEmu. I have basically the same firmware as is used in the question above.

My QEMU command is as follows:

sudo qemu-system-x86_64 -kernel bzImage -initrd initrd.boot -m 2048 -smp 8

This works and I get the QNap login page.

But there is one thing that I cannot get to work (I tried lots of things...), that is: How to get networking up and running? There is only the local loopback interface when I use the ifconfig command. There should be a default NIC for qemu VM's, but I only see it on startup when simply running the qemu-system-x86_64 command. What can I do to get this VM running with networking configured, so I can perform some tests with it?


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Use the -net argument -net nic,model=rtl8139. Of course replace rtl8139 with your network device model (e1000, i82551, i82557b, ...)

Further explanations are found on this Wiki Documentation

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