I have given a .ps1 file which loads a .dll via:

Import-Module ".\decrypter.dll"

After that, a call to that module is performed by:

get-decrypt(" *Some Base64 Encoded string* ")

Only the .dll is given. The Dependency Walker returns no exported functions. IDA Pro Free shows only one module My question: How do I debug this .dll file?

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The file decrypter.dll is a .NET dll which (if it's not obfuscated) means you can decompile it to full readable source code with tools like Reflector, dotPeek or JustDecompile.

Here are a couple of links from my blog detailing how to use such tools:

Once you have the source code (easiest is to save the decompilation as Visual Studio Project) you can debug the dll code in Visual Studio when calling into the dll from PowerShell.

enter image description here

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