I'm new with IDA pro and currently running with debugger, I have few questions:

  1. How can I jump on previous instruction? Undo the latest instruction ?
  2. Is it possible in IDA to examine memory of an executable ? Like it is in Immunity Debugger? Something like this and examine each segment briefly like it is in Immunity Debugger ?

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As for the first point, in order to go back to instruction that was already executed (under the debugger), one needs to use a feature called reverse debugging (or Time Travel Debugging). As far as I know IDA's debugger doesn't have this.

Some other tools that you could use to do a reverse debugging:


Debugging a program means executing its instruction on your CPU, "undoing" the last instruction is usually not possible with a standard debugger.

But you can debug your program in a virtual machine, take memory snapshots at given points while debugging, and restore those snapshots.

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