I'd like to improve my skill as a reverse engineer. And thus I am looking for a location to find these.

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Here is a just closed reverse engineering challenge that was posted by Halvar Flake: http://addxorrol.blogspot.kr/2013/01/encouraging-female-reverse-engineers.html

The winner and a link to her very detailed and well written report is linked on this page: http://addxorrol.blogspot.kr/2013/03/congratulations-marion.html

This is much more difficult than most crackme's that I have encountered and is an example of a complex and obfuscated piece of Windows malware.

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Also you should check http://crackmes.de/ They have a huge list that you can sort by difficulty.

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open an account if you don't already have at forum.tuts4you.com, then browse to http://forum.tuts4you.com/forum/37-crackmes-unpackmes-keygenmes/ I believe that you will find many that you will like.

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Along with the crackmes and tuts4u sites some conferences have reverse engineering challenges. They are typically harder than the average crackmes. AthCon recently put up a challenge. Here's a link to the zip if you are interested. I haven't personally done the challenge myself, so I don't know the skill level.

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