I have a program written in c++, it's compiled with Visual Studio.

I have a mini dump file of a running process (process generates it using winapi MiniDumpWriteDump function).

I also have several memory addresses - they should correspond to addresses of my c++ functions/methods.

I also have *.pdb file - debug information generated by Visual Studio during compilation of my program.

Now I need to find out which functions correspond to the addresses.

Question 1: Do I have enough data? Is minidump, *.pdb file and address is enough to find out function name (and it's location in source code)?

Question 2: I need to automate this process. I will have to write a script (hope it will be a python script) which will do the job. Can anyone suggest appropriate python tools?

(Originally I posted this question on stackoverflow, but looks like it's better suited here)


If you really want to do the whole thing yourself, you need to use the Debugger Engine APIs, in particular OpenDumpFile and friends. If you only need to automate it but no particular requirements for programming it on your own, I would suggest just using windbg with some scripts (maybe PyKd framework).

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