I have a file with the extension of "TOC" I assumed it meant Table of Contents, and the contents of said file represent that it indeed is one.

It's full of content such as this:

117dbdd0 15 cardcropHD400.jpg.zib
345cbe0 15 cardcropHD401.jpg.zib
144800a 50 D3D11\characters\m10658_number_104_masquerade\m10658_number_104_masquerade.phyre
121dffc 50 D3D11\characters\m3800_blue_eyes_white_dragon\m3800_blue_eyes_white_dragon.phyre
121602c 3e D3D11\characters\m3806_dark_magician\m3806_dark_magician.phyre
12d2eb7 4e D3D11\characters\m3815_red_eyes_black_dragon\m3815_red_eyes_black_dragon.phyre
1223774 48 D3D11\characters\m4766_dark_magician_girl\m4766_dark_magician_girl.phyre
114145a 4a D3D11\characters\m6653_elemental_hero_neos\m6653_elemental_hero_neos.phyre
1117979 62 D3D11\characters\m7344_arcana_force_ex_the_light_ruler\m7344_arcana_force_ex_the_light_ruler.phyre
1d2edd5 42 D3D11\characters\m7734_stardust_dragon\m7734_stardust_dragon.phyre
128872f 4c D3D11\characters\m7735_red_dragon_archfiend\m7735_red_dragon_archfiend.phyre
116a658 44 D3D11\characters\m9575_number_39_utopia\m9575_number_39_utopia.phyre
1488223 58 D3D11\characters\m9656_number_17_leviathan_dragon\m9656_number_17_leviathan_dragon.phyre
17c81f4 60 D3D11\characters\m9708_sephylon_the_ultimate_timelord\m9708_sephylon_the_ultimate_timelord.phyre

Now, I figured the first line is a hex encoded size which checks out for the corresponding DAT size (Minus 6ish MB), the last column is obviously the file name. But, I don't know where to start on what the middle value is, it's a HEX encoding of something, but if you convert it and add them together it exceeds the left over buffer room.

Anyone have any advice or how I could start looking into the EXE to see how it's handling the file? (I've tried running it through x64dbg but the munmbo jumbo of ASM means nothing to me)

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the second column appears to be the length of the string in the third column

from whatever was pasted as sample

the file so.txt contains the posted sample data

:\>awk "{ printf( \"%x \" , length($3)) ;print  $2}" so.txt
15 15
15 15
50 50
50 50
3e 3e
4e 4e
48 48
4a 4a
62 62
42 42
4c 4c
44 44
58 58
60 60

  • That checks out from the testing I've done :). I should've thought it was something so simple... Then again, not entirely sure why it needs to have it's own column. But oh well. Thanks again bud! :D
    – Jalomba
    Mar 29, 2017 at 8:56

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