I have some questions about some hopper disassembler features.

  • Is there a way to add a structure definition to the database ? How ?
  • Is there a way to assign a type (especially structure or structure pointer) to a local variable ? How exactly ?
  • Is there a way to assign a synonym for register and see this synonym in decompilation view ?

Used version of the Hopper is 4.0.35. Thank you in advance.

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Recent versions of Hopper do let you define the types for local variables.

With the focus on a procedure open the inspector and navigate down to the "Local Variables" section. Double click on the variable you want to change and a dialog will appear where you can change the name /and/ set the type for that variable.


According to the answer from the support (thanks, @Vincent Bénony)

  • There is a possibility to add a structure to the database, Modify --> Manage Types.
  • There is no possibility to assign a type to local variable for now.
  • There is a possibility to assign a synonym for register, but it will not be seen in decompilation view.

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